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About Us

Enchant was founded by Parisa Mirza-Khan in 2020 and is based in San Jose, California. Passionate about reading and a voracious bibliophile Parisa decided to extend her hobby into a reality where like-minded people can purchase book related products to keep for themselves or give as gifts to spread the joy. It is a one stop shop for kids and adults with no gender bias. Enchant thrives on providing a place to find precisely the items you are looking for and to be the ultimate destination for bibliophiles. Enchants prides itself to be the best destination to find the best book novelties and book related products.The ultimate goal is to make a global difference in people’s lives by providing products to make experiences and emotions come to life. Enchant’s success is attained through creativity, quality and great customer service. We pride ourselves on excellence, high standards of ethics and integrity.


We offer a range of products fit for bibliophiles including tote bags, clothing and jewelry. New products are added continually and enthusiastically as innovative ideas emerge.


A shop for bibliophiles all around the world. Book reading is a lifestyle and Enchant by Parisa understands the joy one gets when immersed with products they enjoy and love to share.